Winter Workshop: Mennonite & Amish DNA Results (VIDEO)

Winter Workshop: Mennonite & Amish DNA Results (VIDEO)

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Gain a new perspective on Mennonite and Amish genealogy through new advances in DNA testing on March 7 from 9 am to 12 pm. Darvin L. Martin, a well-known genealogist, and author hosts the workshop.

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This DNA Project focuses specifically on Mennonites and Amish who immigrated to Pennsylvania during the 17th and 18th centuries. Using genealogy research and advances in DNA testing, it seeks to identify their families and descendants.

Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society originated the project during the 300th anniversary of the first Mennonite settlement of what is now Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

As individuals who order DNA testing share their results with Martin, the project expands, and new trends emerge. 

Martin describes the details of this fascinating project and demonstrates how these families are connected. One compelling discovery shows that many of them were emigrants, from diverse ethnic backgrounds to the Swiss Alps region, long before they traveled across the Atlantic Ocean.