Gift Box: Early Pennsylvania Cultures

Gift Box: Early Pennsylvania Cultures

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The Hans Herr House was built in 1719 by the Herr Family, this house is the oldest structure in Lancaster County and an early Mennonite meeting house and colonial landmark. Special Order

The Longhouse, at this site, is a representation of one of the structures that would have been used by early regional native cultures.


A Modest Mennonite Home by Steve Friesen: This is a fascinating story of one family, the Herr’s, who were early settlers in what is now Lancaster County. (7” w x 9” h)

Pequea Settlement 1710 by Samuel E Wenger - This is a self-guided tour of initial European settlement sites of Lancaster County. Immigrants settled on Native American ground on land granted to them by William Penn. (8 ½” w x 11” h)

Kit - Native American Corn Husk Doll - American colonists learned to grow corn from Native Americans, who wasted no part of the plant. Native Americans made corn husk dolls and immigrants soon added their own take to this particular craft.

Kit - Make a Star Based on the German tradition, paper folded stars were used as decorative elements in German households, and that tradition was brought to the US by early settlers. Paper strips, glitter, and complete instructions are included. White or red and green paper is included.

Folded Star Ornament with Beads - These white paper ornaments can vary in sizes and bead colors (white to light cream). They are a lovely addition to any Christmas tree.