Amish Immigrants of Waldeck and Hesse...

Byler, John M

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Subtitle: Amish Immigrants of Waldeck and Hesse: A Record of 263 Immigrants. With a Record of Their Descendants to Those Who Were Married by About 1865. Plus Historical Records of Germany, Shiplists, etc. Major surnames: Allgyer, Augsburger, Baughman, Beachy, Beiler/Byler, Bender, Birky, Bontrager, Brenneman, Coblentz, Diener, Donner, Ehrisman, Engle, Erb, Esh, Farmwald, Fisher, Frey, Gascho, Gautsche, Gerber, Gingerich, Gnagey, and many others. Hardcover. John M. Byler, 1993. 231 pages.