Cookbook: Amish Butters, Salsas and Spreads

Cookbook: Amish Butters, Salsas and Spreads

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The Amish are known for their canning practices, which are essential to communities of large families and even larger gardens. Written by Amish writer Laura Anne Lapp, Amish Butters & Salsas offers sixty classic recipes for all varieties of spreads, fruit butters, sweet and savory chutneys, salsas, and more.

Recipes are written with Amish-style simplicity and no-nonsense instructions, perfect for novices and experienced preservationists alike. Recipes include a multitude of preserves that are perfect for storing in your own pantry or gifting to friends and family. Find recipes such as:

  • Peach-ginger butter
  • Pumpkin spice butter
  • Tomato basil salsa
  • Amish wedding salsa
  • Amish church spread
  • Amish peanut butter spread
  • Cheese spread
  • And much more!

Amish Butters & Salsas gives readers a close-up of a world seldom seen to show how canning and preserving and Amish life work rhythmically together.

“Growing up Amish, the eldest daughter in a family of seven, canning and preserving were always a part of family life, a part of summertime that went hand in hand with gardening. Now, as a mother of four growing boys with a large garden, I still find canning and preserving a part of my summer tradition. I love gardening, and preserving the beauty of my garden is just another part of that tradition.”