Scheduled to Perform at Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society's Annual Music Night (Clockwise, from top) A Girl Named Tom, Jessica Smucker, & Julian Harnish

Annual Music Night 2021 (Recording)

  • $25.00

 (Clockwise, from top) A Girl Named Tom, Jessica Smucker, & Julian Harnish

Recorded on Saturday, March 6 at 8 PM (EST).

Experience inspirational music and support our mission to conserve history and promote storytelling through this fundraising event.

A Girl Named Tom, an acoustic pop band of siblings, burst onto the scene in 2019 with stand-out harmonies and a boisterous spirit. Caleb, Josh, and Bekah Leichty from Archbold, Ohio, share their musical gifts and welcome audiences into their lives through social media. They offered weekly live performances from home during much of 2020. The trio honed their exquisite three-part harmonies growing up singing hymns in the Mennonite Church.

Julian Harnish, a Goshen College graduate with a Piano Performance degree, names classical, jazz, choral music, and hymns as key influences. Julian creates beautiful piano music with a warm, original sound. His recent compositions are both lyrical and cinematic.

Jessica Smucker's songwriting is grounded in everyday human experience. She was a poet long before she started writing songs, and echoes of her poetry emerge in the rhythm of her lyrics, cadence of her voice, even in the way her lines break. Using her soul-filled voice, Jessica employs self-reflection, empathy, and wit to shed new light on age-old struggles.