Gift Box: Tabernacle

Gift Box: Tabernacle

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The Biblical Tabernacle reproduction at the Mennonite Information Center draws visitors from all over the world. Get an introduction to this fascinating museum attraction with this delightful box.


God Dwells with His People by Paul M Zehr - This carefully researched study draws from both Christian and Jewish sources. It looks at the nature of construction of the tabernacle and its theological meaning. (5” x 8”h)

The Tabernacle - This pamphlet focuses on the symbolism of the tabernacle, its furnishings, sacrifices and priestly garments. (5 ½” w x 8 ½” h)

Magnet - Interior Tabernacle View: View of the high priest and several pieces of tabernacle furnishings.  (3 ½” w x 2 ½” h)

Postcard - Tabernacle in the Wilderness (by Day): The tabernacle, meaning tent or sanctuary, was a sacred place where God dwelled with the people. (7” w x 5” h)

Postcard - Tabernacle in the Wilderness (by Night) (8 ½” w x 5 ½” h)

Acacia Wood Block - Acacia wood is often mentioned in reference to the construction of the tabernacle (3 ¼” x 1 ½” h x ¾” d)

Gemstones of Aaron’s Breastplate - 12 stones are associated with the 12 tribes of Israel. These are glass stones that reflect what the original stone would have looked like. In a clear plastic case with descriptive information. (3 ¾” w x 4 ¾” h x 1” d)